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Google Native Client on Windows XP/FAT32 gotcha

Our first technical (ish) blog post!

Having installed Native Client on my home machine running Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit), everything worked exactly as expected first time.

With the same enthusiasm I installed it on my laptop running Windows XP (32-bit). Things went wrong – a lot of the files in ‘toolchain\win_x86\bin’ were missing.

The problem

I discovered when I re-installed XP on my laptop that the recovery disc had formatted my drive to FAT32. Native Client sets up simlinks during its installation which require NTFS.

The solution

Using the handy command-line ‘convert c: /fs:ntfs’ (making sure to call ‘vol c:’ first to get the name of the volume) to convert the filesystem to NTFS. Of course, replace ‘c:’ with the appropriate drive letter.

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