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Develop Conference ‘11

It’s almost a week since the @developconf finished and we’ve just about recovered. Big up to the man Debus (www.pixeldadstudio.co.uk) for couriering us there and back, that was mighty neighbourly of yah!

We enjoyed the conference immensely and found the talks very insightful, particularly the law talk given by @gamerlaw pointing out you can never be too careful. The keynote speech is also worth a mention, given by Sean Murray of @hellogames who entertained the crowd with amusing banter and great visuals.

Towards the end of the day we managed a quick drink @danthat who’s actually a really nice real person too. A few business meetings also occurred which is always a good thing, and should hopefully lead us further into actual game development.

After this brief message, we leave you with this shot from Develop Conf of Ste visually describing how big it was.

RagTagDev @ Develop Conference '11

Ste: 'The conference is thiiis big'

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