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Latest Project: AR-works

This month saw the release of our first major project, titled AR-works. It is a visualisation package which allows architects and designers to better communicate their ideas to clients using Augmented Reality. Now it is possible to hold a virtual 3D scene (for example a building) in the palm of your hand.

The software is all built using our proprietary technology which is advancing at a surprising rate. We developed AR-works for both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X, demonstrating our ability to efficiently support multiple platforms. As our skillset continues to grow we feel more strongly than ever that one day, maybe soon, we’ll finally get around to making an actual game.

We’ve not forgotten the delicate balance of ingredients which go into making digital fun. In fact we now have a fresh perspective on interactive experiences for which we thank this small diversion into non-game software. It seems with each new project new challenges come that ensure we shall never stagnate.

Anyway, we’re rambling, go check out AR-works.

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