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Dropimals released for iOS

Promo Image Dropimals

This month Dropimals released for iOS, which is our first proper game made entirely by Ragtag from concept to release. Colour us happy as little piglets in a fresh puddle of mud. Dropimals is free for download on an iOS AppStore near you, check it out.

We built the game with simplicity in mind, whilst maintaining an underlying depth. The intention was to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Young and old, Casual and Hardcore; everyone could enjoy Dropimals. We think that part worked, just.

As for price point, we wanted to charge as little as possible, but were very aware that having any kind of cost at all would put a lot of people off. We didn’t like the approach of having a ‘Lite’ / Free version of the App as that seemed messy, and customers who convert to the paid version have to deal with the two separate Apps.

A term has been present in Apps for a while now, called ‘In-App-Purchasing’ which seemed to fit our purposes perfectly. We have one instance of the App, for Free, with a button inside allowing the full game to be unlocked for a small price (0.69p). Why do developers even bother with a ‘Lite’ version? Silly developers, we guffawed; we’re SO clever, right?


Upon launch of Dropimals to the AppStore we began putting out Press Releases and contacting reviewers with requests to look at our App. The Press Release part went okay and quickly whizzed around the internet informing people of the games’ launch. The review part however was a different story.

Reviewers – quite rightly – don’t want to pay for the privilege of reviewing a title. If they paid for every game they reviewed they’d have less money than a software developer; and no one wants that. So to the ‘promo codes’, which can be redeemed and allow us to effectively give the App away, for reviewer purposes and maybe even competitions.

What follows is not a real conversation, just kinda what happened;

Ragtag – “Hi Apple, can we have ‘Promo Codes’ for Dropimals please?”
Apple – “Yeah sure, here yah go!”
Ragtag – “Thanks, but that just downloads the free game.”
Apple – “Yeeesss, do go on….”
Ragtag – “…can we have codes for the In-App-Purchase please?”
Apple – “Uhm, no.”
Ragtag – “REALLY?!”
Apple – “Yep, no codes for In-App-Purchasing, TTFN X.”

So there you have it kids, having two versions of your App (Lite Free & Paid Full) is a very good idea for that reason alone. There’s other benefits too, but we’ve bored you enough already.

Go check Dropimals for yourself, or see more information in our Projects area.

Right, bye!

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