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A few months ago we were approached by a company who were in a bit of a pickle. They’d got an awesome idea for a new social platform and it was developing nicely, mostly. Whilst they were handling the Windows Mobile, Windows 8, Facebook and Web versions internally, they had to hire an external developer to handle the iOS and Android versions. This is where things started to go wrong.

The company they hired were in way over their heads, yet still decided to take on the job. By using Google searches and external libraries they hacked the iOS & Android apps together, and whilst rough around the edges the iOS version almost worked. That was until changes were requested which the external libraries did not support. Very quickly the iOS app became unstable and lacked many needed features. The Android version was a complete disaster though.

That’s where we came in, armed with an ability to actually develop software, and an understanding of how to make all the little zeros and ones do their job correctly. We took the iOS version for starters and within a few weeks had fulfilled all requirements, and then some!

The service we’re talking about here is the new and exciting social drawing phenomenon, didlr, which is now available on the iOS AppStore (that’s the bit we did) and also Windows, Facebook plus web.

For Android we plan to work with the inventors of this fantastic concept to create a brand new shiny version from scratch, so you’ll just have to wait until Christmas!

Go check didlr for yourself.

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