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Play Dropimals in your browser!

Promo Image Dropimals

We’ve been hard at work getting our engine technology working within a browser and are pleased to finally be able to show you something.

Our game Dropimals has been out on iOS and Android for a while so seemed the logical choice to bring to the browser environment.

This is the ‘lite’ version of the game, a teaser if you like. We’re hoping to bring the full version to browsers in the future, with leaderboards and achievements etc..

We’ve also added a comments section underneath the game for feedback that we can then use to further develop it – please feel free to use it!

This is all very exciting for us; we’re hoping to use this technology to show preview builds to our clients, bring more fun to our website (think arcade) and to also showcase our next title (which is definitely in development 😉 ).

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