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Dragons’ Event

Last month we ran an event for the Game Development students from the local college who started their brand new course this term. Their first assignment was to create a game concept, which they all achieved. Their second assignment was to pitch their game concept to a Dragons’ Den style panel. Ordinarily, this would happen in a class room and the Dragons would simply be tutors. There had been talk of building collaboration between the Banbury and Bicester College and the Colin Sanders Business Innovation Centre, and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

After speaking with the business owners of the centre who expressed an interest in partaking as Dragons, the boardroom was booked! Excitement was building prior to the event and on the actual day, twenty three very nervous students entered the centre for a very real-world business experience.

Throughout the day, one-by-one the students entered the Dragons’ Den to deliver their pitch. Often visibly shaking and with voices wobbling, each of them successfully delivered their excellent pitches. It was a great day for all involved, and especially good experience for the students.

A great big huge thank-you to all who got involved and spared time during their busy days to give the Game Development students this amazing experience. We’ll be sure to let you know if there are other such eventful events.


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