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At Ragtag our Work Experience Programme has started and we’ve now had three successful candidates through the door, two of which are still working with us. It’s great to see them learn and ingest even the smallest details of day to day business which we often take for granted.

It’s also great to see our personal projects progress, and our intention is for the WEP candidates to focus primarily on those. We’re forging a stronger link with Banbury and Bicester College by supporting students on the new Game Dev course. Those students will get to work directly on real original games created by us. Their names are added to the game credits which is great for their Personal Statement (what a Curriculum Vitae is called these days) and is sure to assist in securing a fully paid position in the industry.

So far we’ve only had capacity for one candidate at a time, however we’re in the process of ramping this up to three. We do however require candidates show examples of their own work before we allocate a position. This can be anything the candidate has created, but we prefer examples of code and artwork, both 2D and 3D. The process ensures we only accept candidates who are motivated and have the skills to create.

We’ll keep you updated on how this goes and soon enough you should be able to see the work created for yourselves.

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