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Hello World!

We’ve been so busy over the previous month we’ve had little time to write you. We did however spot a spare few minutes in between animation rendering for one of our work experience candidates to write a few sentences about their experience, as follows:

“My name is James and I am currently participating in the work experience course provided by Ragtag Developments. The project I am currently working on will be a real game and requires 2D and 3D skills, I have been testing this project and have seen it working on mobile devices. The room is always busy with people running in and out all the time with phones ringing constantly. Recently another person has joined me on the course so we get to bat around ideas and help one another if we get stuck. I’ve been going since November last year and have enjoyed every moment, the knowledge and experience I have gained in this short time will surely help me now and in the near future since I am also enrolled at Banbury college doing a course on Game Development. I look forward to continuing this programme and hope that I can learn even more.”

James has been great and his work will be released to the public in a game of ours within the next few months. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any exciting news, or random ramblings. The college we collaborate with is Activate Learning, they’re really good!

Bye for now.

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