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amazeballz in a pool

Ever wanted to play pool in an actual pool? We know you have because that’s mainly what we’ve been hearing from the feedback. Well, that and “how the hell do you play it!”. So, without further acue we share with you the new direction for amazeballz pool and announce from now it will be called amazeballz in a pool.

Using our cutting edge physics engine, we’ve simulated exactly what it would be like to play real pool, in a pool. All the drag of the liquid and damping of the angles, displacing water has never been so much fun! Watch as the balls come to a stop so fast you won’t believe your eyes!

Delight as your carefully aimed shots don’t quite reach their target, and be overwhelmed when you actually manage to pot a ball. Thank-you very much for your feedback, without you the world would not be able to experience the utter joy that is amazeballz in a pool.

The amazeballz pool will be coming to the stores near your fingers during the month of May. We’ll be available via iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android (Play Store/Kindle/Fire TV Stick), Windows (Steam/App Store), OS X (Mac App Store), tvOS.

Sensational Shots, Phenomenal Physics, Crucial Cueing, Passionate Plants, Delightful Doubles, Tempting Tricks, Potent Pots, Graciously Ridiculous!

Check out the madness here – www.amazeballzpool.com

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