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Ragtag Refit ’17 – The week we swapped dev for DIY!

Ragtag Refit '17

Sadly one of the Ragtag team decided to leave the company recently due to ill health (we hope you’re on the mend Rich!). This made the rest of us consider our future health and felt like a good catalyst for an office refit.

Also, most of our furniture was inherited so it was about time to make our ‘Ragtag’ company name a bit more ironic!

Main Considerations

  • Posture-oriented quality chairs – we do spend a lot of our lives sitting in them!
  • Desks with standing option – spending a lot of time sitting down is considered unhealthy
  • Somewhere to relax – time away from monitors!

Primary Purchases

  • Herman Miller Aeron chairs – a design classic heavily tailored towards good posture and used throughout the digital agency/development industry. These chairs are far from cheap (upward of £1000 each new!) but there are good quality second hand options available.
  • Ikea BEKANT electric standing desks (10 year warranty!) – we wanted options to both sit and stand so these are ideal. Two buttons smoothly and quietly transition the desk between low and high positions. Accompanied by a decent quality standing mat to soften floor impact these should serve us well for years to come, well at least 10!
  • Sofa area to relax/entertain clients – we mounted a 55″ TV on the wall to talk clients through work or relax/play games. This area also seems to double up as a YouTube cartoon area to entertain our children!

A special mention goes to the remote-controlled coloured LED bulbs we purchased for less than £10 each on Amazon. Options include standard white light, a plethora of colours and disco mode for annoying colleagues across the room – any remote works with any bulb!

Refit Results

The following photo shows the fruits of our many hours wielding allen keys. We’re extremely pleased with how it turned out, and whilst standing up takes some getting used to (we tend to alternate between sitting and standing each day) we’re sure we’ll feel the benefits in years to come!

Ragtag Refit '17

Ragtag Refit ’17

Further photos of the refit can be found on our Facebook page here:


Back to the code! Now to sit, or stand..

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