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Ragtag Developments is an independent, award-winning, interactive software development studio based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK; founded in March 2011 by four games industry professionals. The founding members have worked together as a team for over 10 years with various game development studios in Oxfordshire. Around Christmas 2010 we reached a juncture, which seemed the right time to take the plunge and set up on our own. We really haven't looked back since and forge ahead, driven by intense passion, determination and ambition.

We specialise in apps, games and high performance real-time software, and carry a combined experience in this industry of over 50 years. From our years in the games industry we've developed a network of highly-skilled, trusted, designers, artists, programmers, audio technicians and more, who we can always call upon for larger projects.

To see some examples of the work we've produced, click here, or to find out about the proprietary technology behind a lot of our work, click here.

What We Do

In short, as well as actively working on computer games, we take the principles and technology used to create those games into developing interactive software for the world of advertising, branding, training, education, health and business.


  • Mobile and desktop games
  • Console games
  • Educational games
  • Brand awareness through play


  • Mobile and desktop applications
  • Educational tools
  • Health and medicine
  • Architecture and modelling


  • Museum installations
  • Exhibitions
  • Interactive experiences
  • Learning and training
  • Brand interaction and advertising


  • Design, production, optimisation and analysis
  • Windows / OS X / iOS / Android / Linux / Consoles / Symbian / Blackberry / Native Client / Raspberry Pi
  • theRedEngine (our proprietary tech)


  • Concept creation
  • 2D artwork
  • 3D artwork
  • Vector artwork
  • Animation creation
  • Character rigging
  • Character skinning


  • Concept creation
  • UX design
  • (G)UI design
  • IA design


  • Music creation
  • Sound effect creation
  • Sound balancing


  • Code
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Art
  • Audio


We're used to working with individuals through to high-end design agencies, right from the prototype and design stages to final production and installation. If you think we can help you, please do click here to contact us.

The Team

Ragtag was founded by the following four computer games industry veterans, sharing over 50 years of experience between us:
Richard Turnbull

Richard Turnbull BSc/CS (Hons) — Technical Director / Engine Programmer

Having begun programming aged 8, intrigued by what was behind the games he played, graphics became Richard's focus. By 16 he'd started writing his first 3D graphics engine, the Blitz Engine, with a feature-rich software renderer coded in C and hand-optimised assembly. Alongside he developed an associated website, AcidReign, attracting half a million visits during its lifetime. After completing an honours degree in Computer Science he entered the games industry and let his passion flourish, quickly becoming responsible for engine development, rendering and getting new technology working and optimised - he helped get the first game run on a prototype Sony PSP outside Japan. During these years he enjoyed working on prestigious licenses including Star Wars and Harry Potter, eventually finding himself at a juncture, the 'right time' to embark on the indie rollercoaster. Ragtag was born. More from Richard can be found here: http://www.mishtertea.com.

Ste Butcher

Ste Butcher BSc (Hons) MSc — Director / Application Programmer

After a youth well spent playing all the games he could get his hands on, Ste decided to venture into the world of game development. He excelled at this and with every project he touched, he left a little – or often a lot – of magic. The projects he worked on would not have been the same without his input, and Ste continued in this manner for many years. He took the leap with the others and his talents are now enjoyed by all at Ragtag and their clients. Whilst Ste has an amazing eye for detail, it’s his ability to start a project from scratch which amazes all around him. Conversely he can then take said started project, and continue development right through to the very end. Never once will he compromise quality and always gets the job done.

Morris Butler

Morris Butler BEng (Hons) MSc — Director / Systems and App Programmer

His first experience of computing was programming BASIC games on a Sinclair ZX81. Monochromatic displays were not enough though so he quickly progressed to a Commodore C64. Here he soon learnt that BASIC was never going to provide the power or control he required over the machine so assembly language was the way forward. As machine architectures evolved, Morris advanced his skills to suit and this path lead onto university. After leaving university, the games industry beckoned and he began working on state of the art titles. He now enjoys residency at Ragtag where his vast knowledge and understanding of electronics and computer architecture are greatly appreciated.

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