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As developers, we've experience with many software engines and have always found ourselves limited by what we could achieve. We're very adamant that to get the best out of a product you need your own technology so as to not stifle the creative process. This is something Ragtag have invested heavily in. We've been hard at work advancing theRedEngine and are now proud to be using it in several commercial titles.

Having this technology provides many key benefits:

  • We don't need to spend money licensing 3rd party technology
  • We have a deep understanding of the code base we work with
  • Need a feature we don't have? No problem, we'll add it!

One of our main focuses with theRedEngine is cross-platform support. We've worked hard on making a system flexible enough that it often takes just a few days to add support for a new platform or piece of technology.

We're not currently licensing theRedEngine as an entity in itself, but instead utilising it to provide a better service to our clients whilst also empowering ourselves with a toolkit for rapid software production. Key areas the engine is proven in are:

  • Cross-platform games (inc. mobile)
  • Interactive experience centres with large, multi-screen, displays
  • Architecture and performance real-time graphics in business

If you think theRedEngine could help you, please get in touch!


  • Cross-platform support (Windows/OS X/iOS/Android)
    • Designed for the swift addition of new platforms
  • Custom RTTI/resource management system
  • Full scripting using a custom language
    • As well as XML and JSON support
  • Advanced cross-API 2D and 3D graphics
    • OpenGL ES, OpenGL, DirectX and native
  • Support for rendering across multiple displays
    • We've managed 21 screens from one PC at 60FPS!
  • Fixed-function and shader pipelines for wide support
  • Scene graph with hierarchical bounding volumes
  • Volume rendering support
  • Animation system
  • Dynamic GUI system with CSS style construction
  • Cross-API video playback
    • Quicktime, DirectShow, Media Foundation and native mobile
  • Optimised Windows video playback for multiple 1080p videos
  • Video capture and recording
  • Cross-API audio playback
    • OpenAL, XAudio and native
  • Cross-API Augmented Reality support (markerless and fudicial based)
    • ARToolkit, ARToolkitPlus, Vuforia and more
  • Touch screen support
    • Including multi-touch with widget zooming, rotation and translation
  • Kinect support
  • Reliable networking
    • With file transfer and web-view support
  • Twitter, Facebook and RSS support
  • Database and CMS management
    • Including MySQL support
  • Rigid body physics
    • Including various joint constraints
  • Soft body physics
    • With various drawing systems
  • Cloth, smoke, vehicles..
  • Advanced particle system
  • Localisation support
    • Including Arabic and Chinese/Japanese
  • Game entity management


theRedEngine began it's life many years ago as the natural evolution of the Blitz Engine, written by Richard Turnbull (Ragtag's Technical Director). The Blitz Engine was a hobby project developed in the late 90's that attracted a lot of attention at the time (in excess of 500,000 website visitors) whilst featuring on popular sites such as Flipcode and Blues News, as well as many others.

To read more about the Blitz Engine click here.

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