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The Brief

The client desired a modern solution to aid carers in catering for the needs of those being cared for. The breif was to utilise mobile phone technology to enable better, more organised care.

This was to be achieved by bringing closer levels of communication through messaging, task lists, reminders, and important contact details in one place. In addition catering for aid in emergency situations was desired.

App4Care App4Care App4Care

The Development

Development for this project was done using the iOS and Android API's; this allowed us to create applications that felt native to each platform. The project was heavily orientated around data being stored on a central server architecture, with both platforms being able to share the developed logic.

Using now maturing technologies such as location services and devicetilt sensors, we were able to build in safety features that helped those being cared for. These included location proximity alerts, trip/fall alerts.

App4Care App4Care App4Care