Arthur Guinness Room

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The Brief

After the success of our previous project, Guinness wanted us to create a new interactive exhibit. Their desire was for the experience to be very different to the other digital exhibits.

The idea was to create a 'Gentlemans club' with large canvas portraits hanging on the walls. When a visitor approaches a portrait, the character in the portrait comes to life and tells a story about the life of Arthur Guinness.

Arthur Guinness Room

The Development

We worked to create two apps for the exhibit, a player app and a controller app. The player app processes the videos within each portrait and seamlessly blends the content states together. The controller app links to all the portraits and allows each of their proximity thresholds to be adjusted dynamically.

Each protrait is supported with an LED matrix backlight that is controlled by the player app. Luminance data is extracted live from the portraits and dynamically adjusts the LED matrix, ensuring the scenes appear vibrant whilst maintaining maximum contrast.

Arthur Guinness Room

The Results

The exhibit went live during the summer of 2013 and has been very well recieved by all. It continues to fascinate visitors by bringing to life an otherwise seamingly ordinary room.

Arthur Guinness Room Arthur Guinness Room Arthur Guinness Room