Diver Tracking

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The Brief

We were approached to help develop a system to uniquely track divers underwater. This meant that as well as locating where a diver was, we also needed to identify which particular diver this was.

After much brainstorming we decided the best route to take would be to track flashing LED bracelets attached to the divers. Each bracelet would flash a unique pattern to identify it's associated wearer.

The Development

The first challenge was to track a moving lightsource. For testing, an LED bulb was strapped to a record player and spun in circles which was filmed and then fed into our software. Computer vision techniques were used to filter out everything but the bright/coloured light.

The second challenge was to then isolate the lightsource we were tracking and detect subtle changes in its state, indicating a binary on/off state which could be used to encode a signal.

The Results

The results were better than expected with us succesfully tracking and identifying two separate divers during testing. Specific lighting configurations gave us the best results but we can't give away too much here!

Diver Tracking Diver Tracking Diver Tracking