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Tap or click the screen anywhere to drop straight down and land safely on the stack below. Time your drops carefully and score big for landing closer to the guide. Build a stack of Dropimals and land exactly in the middle of the guide to get a Perfect Dropimals bonus!

Perfect Bonus = 500 points

Get 3 Perfect Dropimals to enter a Perfect Pattern bonus round. Perform perfect lands inside a bonus round to get a run of the same Dropimal.

Pattern Perfect Bonus = 750 points

Get 3 Perfect Dropimals of the same kind to enter a Perfect Dropimal round.

Dropimal Perfect bonus = 1000 points

Perfectly climb the Dropimal bonus ladder all the way to reach the Rainbonus. Big rewards are found here, but only Perfect lands count so be extra careful with your timing.

Be sure to drop the snake off to the side for extra bonus points.


  • 8 cute Dropimals to guide
  • 4 bonus rounds
  • 1 evil snake to avoid
  • 3 modes to play (full version)
  • 3 Leaderboards and 30 Achievements to get (full version)

Play now for free!

The Brief

We wanted to create something for ourselves and decided a mobile game would be the best route to take. The intention was to create an inoffensive game which can be enjoyed by all.

The game had to be simple enough that a toddler could play, yet deep enough to keep serious players interested.


The Development

As we progressed with the project, the idea that started out simple soon became more complicated. Even the most apparently simple ideas can be very complicated under the hood. The tiny details which you don't get to fully appreciate suddenly become very apparent, once you begin to make something proper.


The Results

We are happy with the results and intend to continue with the IP, check out the promo trailer we made for it below. Dropimals is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is free to download. Give it a go and see for yourself.

Dropimals Dropimals Dropimals Dropimals