Telia Foyer - Lulea

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The Brief

To provide a large scale interactive experience to be sited at Telia Foyer flagship office locations around Sweden

The client had specified luminous textile wall coverings in a number of their new office foyers across multiple sites. They desired a visually stimulating digital experience to be played out on the canvas that both their guests and staff could interact with.

Telia Foyer - Lulea

The Development

A real-time fluid simulation was used to realise the clients desire to bring both acent colours and form to the space. By using a high quality digital camera we captured and tracked both objects moving within the space. This tracking information was then mapped onto the fluid simulation in the form of fluid emmisions. Revolving doors, lifts people all affected the flow of the fluid around the entire space. Colour cycling allowed the fluid to eminate a wider range of the clients brand accent colours.

The final delivered application encompased running of the fluid simulation, object recogniition and tracking from the camera feed, ethernet communication with the luinous textile panels. In addition GUI based monitoring and set-up capabilities were built in to allow configuration of the system for the different spaces deployed into.

Telia Foyer - Stockholm Telia Foyer - Stockholm Telia Foyer - Stockholm Telia Foyer - Stockholm

The Results

The client was very happy with the interactive ambient experience that visitors to the spaces now enjoy. It is very pleasing to see how guests use the experience in different playful ways.