// Projects > UnSelfie (2016, iOS)

The Brief

UnSelfie aims to help create a 'kinder' society/neighbourhood - people are inherently good and enjoy giving as an expression of love, UnSelfie will show how the digital environment can be leveraged as a force for good. It encourages selflessness in that it is a location based connectivity app that is looking to do great things and help others, which goes against the current online theme of the self-obsessed.

The app, when loaded onto a smartphone, works along the following lines:

  • Sign-up or login, using Facebook, Twitter or Email.
  • Import contacts and follow or invite friends to download the app
  • When connected start a hoop or accept a hoop that has been posted by your friends or someone you don’t know (location search).
  • For example, a friend might have posted: ‘helped someone with their shopping today’.
  • Accept the hoop. Fulfil the hoop, take a picture/short video to prove it, post it with hashtags
  • Your friend’s will give you ‘kudos’ and you accumulate kudos that can be converted to credits and discounts from commercial partners.
  • Or, you can gift your ‘credits’ to a chosen charity or school.
  • Use your location to accept or initiate hoops in your locality or start your own hoop for your friends or others to see.


The Development

Initial development was for a prototype version of the app used to secure further funding. Whilst we could have created a 'hard-coded' app, it was decided we should create something that could be built upon should funding be secured. To fulfill this we created both a basic iOS app and lightweight RESTful web API that demonstrated end-to-end functionality and could quickly be built upon as required.

The Results

In the often narcissistic world of social media it's nice to see some disruptive ideas coming through and we enjoyed working on something aimed solely at doing good. Our client was very happy with the outcome and actively seeking further funding using the prototype.